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ONLINE Workshop - Romancing Letterforms (Engrosser's Script) - FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION*

Image of ONLINE Workshop - Romancing Letterforms (Engrosser's Script) - FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION*


When is the last time you have "Romanced" a letterform?

Behind every perfect looking alphabet is a perfect letterform and the only way to achieve this is to fall in love with them.


This course is created for the calligraphy enthusiast who has little to no knowledge of what 'Engrosser's Script' is. This course is planned as per individual needs and based on the skill set.


Course is 10 hours long (student and instructor chooses agreed upon time and date, which is flexible - e.g. 2 hours per day for 5 days).

This session includes the following:
Learn about what supplies to use/not use.
How to use a traditional dip pen and nib.
What make or breaks a "letterform"
Muscle memory
Basic strokes and warm up instruction
Minuscules (lower case) and Majuscules (upper case)
Character spacing, skills and refining techniques
Tips on Composition
Five Letter Mantra
Detailed feedback on practice sheet.


You will need to provide the following:

A laptop, tablet or a smart phone, like an iPhone or iPad. (Bigger screen the better)
Skype / Zoom will be used for session, so please have the app downloaded and installed on your device. (App is free)
WiFi connection - please be aware that there may be some technical difficulties at times (i.e. audio difficulties, blurred screen time etc.), your patience is requested.


Calligraphy materials will not be provided.

You will need to have on hand:

* Oblique Holder
* Nibs (preferably Hunt 101 or Leonardt EF Principal) - if you don't have nibs, one can be mailed to you at a nominal charge.
* Ink (Walnut or Sumi ink is best)

* Guide sheets will be emailed to you prior to class starting. You will need to print these out on smooth white paper (preferably 32 lb. paper or similar to HP Premium Choice Laser Jet Paper)

* High-Resolution scans of demonstrations during the online session will be emailed to you [after every session] for your practice and reference.


Terms & Conditions and all that other good stuff:

*FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION: Please select FLEX PAY option. First payment is due upon order, 2nd payment due after first 5 hours of instruction is completed. Please return to this page to submit 2nd half of payment. Select FLEX PAY option, then click 2nd Payment. Flexible payment option includes a convenience fee of $10 per payment.

*There will be NO REFUNDS for classes purchased/booked.
Note: We reserve the right to refuse service.

*Price includes taxes and PayPal fees.