Joy & Ash's Story

Joy & Ash Calligraphy

Joy & Ash's Story

Aloha and Namaste!

We are Joy (@inkingwithjoy) & Ash (@ash0kgiri)!

We are a very rare pair of calligraphers, one from Hawaii, USA and the other from Mumbai, India.  We live 8000+ miles apart!

We met on Instagram over two years ago and became instant friends.  Even though we both practiced our own versions of calligraphy, we wanted to expand our knowledge and learn from each other.  Teaching each other brought out a vision that we both had inside ourselves, and that was to "pay it forward" and teach others what we have learned.

That was the creation of Joy & Ash Calligraphy.

Since our very first inaugural class in New Delhi, India in 2018, we have grown tremendously and conducted calligraphy classes around the world.  We have taught in major cities in India, USA and Australia, with Singapore and Dubai next on the list.

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 had brought all worldwide travel to a halt but that didn't stop us.  We took another giant leap and now we teach online classes!  Ash has taught students from the USA, Greece, Canada and the UK - just to name a few.

Both of us are members of the International Associaion of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH).  Ash has been personally mentored by Dr. Joe Vitolo, Salman Khattak and Bill Kemp and has been taught by Michael Sull and Jake Weidmann as well.  I am a self-taught calligrapher and I'm a rebel when it comes to rules!

Sharing our knowledge is a passion of ours. Our goal is to teach everyone who wants to learn.  We strive to do it with passion and for the love of calligraphy.

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